Our suite of common product test validations inclu
Our suite of common product test validations include, but not limited to:
Our suite of common regulatory compliance testing include, but not limited to:
In addition to our Sourcing, Quality and Innovation pillars, we are also able to provide you with all of your product testing and validation requirements as well as ensuring your products meet all relevant regulatory requirements.
Pre Shipment Testing Services for Brand Owners
Whether you are a supplier or salesman, one key element in securing the quality of your product is the pre-shipment inspection. SQI Global, the young and innovative supply chain management company, provides pre shipment testing services for brand owners. Without any delay in shipping, our product testing and validation needs are carried out at every stage. Our product test confirmation includes thermal shock, temperature humidity, UV weathering, salt spray, IP testing, chemical, and vibration with complete transparency in the whole process. The product test confirmation is not limited to these checks only. SQI Global ensures to carry out testing and inspection services at every stage of product movement. Our pre-shipment services ensure quality conformity across Asia. Our pre-shipment services help to reduce the risk of receiving defective or low-grade quality goods. Our experienced quality professionals check the products according to the accepted quality requirements. Along with our three pillars - sourcing, quality, and innovation excellence, SQI Global ensures to provide the best pre-shipment testing services. Brand owners are now able to seek benefits from experts whenever they search for pre shipment testing services. With our main focus on your requirements, we are always sure to serve you peace of mind.
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